Dumpster Rental

Construction projects create a lot of trash. Instead of letting it pile up, use a rollaway dumpster from Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling.

We’ll bring our dumpsters to your Houston property, place it correctly, and then take it away when it’s full. Whether you’re dealing with wood, metal, glass, or other trash and debris, this is an incredibly cost-effective (and convenient) way to make cleanup and hauling a non-issue.

We’ll make sure to position your dumpsters carefully, without cracking driveways or damaging your property in any way. Our prices are affordable because we know you need your budget to complete your project. And the best part is we can easily work with your schedule to make sure you get a dumpster exactly when you need one.

Dumpster rental is ideal for construction, home cleanout, spring cleaning, and discarding furniture you no longer need.

Our Containers

15-Yard Containers

• Construction
• Household Debris
• Furniture
• Medium to Large Home Cleanout Jobs
• Flood Restoration
• Fire Restoration

20-Yard Containers

• Low-Density Material
• Debris
• Furniture
• Trash

25-Yard Containers

• Large Cleanouts
• Home Construction
• Debris Removal

Please Note: Hazardous materials are NOT permitted and will not be accepted.
Some of these items include:

Medical waste, aerosols and paint, gasoline containers, tires, batteries, appliances (small and large), oils, fluorescent lights.

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