How to Dispose of Tires

Even though tires are meant to be built to last, at some point, they need changing.

How to Dispose of Tires

Even though tires are meant to be built to last, at some point, they need changing. More often than not, most people end up dumping their used tires in their yards with the intention of getting rid of them. If you are looking to get rid of your old tires that have been stored in your garage or backyard, our services are for you. There are many tire recycling options, but why cause yourself unnecessary work when we can do the job?

At Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, we have removed hundreds of tires from customers’ homes and properties. Our professional removal and tire recycling service is made to be affordable and accessible to all. Whether you need next-day assistance to pick up some old rims or want us to remove old rubber mulch, we’re on hand.

Want to learn more about our fantastic value recycling services? Read on to find out why Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling is for you. We also remove a range of other types of waste, including appliances, exercise equipment, carpets, furniture, and metal – so we’ve got all your needs covered!

What Should I Do with Old Tires?

If you’re unsure of what to do with the old tires you have, then allow us to help you. We offer an all-inclusive pick-up, removal, and recycle service for tires. Tire disposal needn’t seem like a stressful task with the Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling team on hand to help.

You may choose to load your car or truck with old tires yourself and drive to the nearest recycling center, but why bother when the task can be done for you at a low cost? We work with a local recycling facility to recycle used tires that can be processed and made into other usable materials. Disposing of tires is generally a costly job, but with Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, we make everything affordable for you.

Here’s what our all-inclusive service includes:

  • Pick-up of your old tires
  • Labor involved
  • Truck hire
  • Recycle your tire or tires

You should never dump old tires as they can damage the environment and be dangerous to local wildlife too. A penalty fine may also be issued if you dispose of garbage by dumping items. If you’re interested in learning more about our tire disposal service, give our team a call on (888) 997-4768.

Although it can be difficult to dispose of certain items such as old tires, you should consider recycling wherever you can. At Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, we strongly believe in recycling – that’s why we recycle over 70% of customer’s garbage that we remove. Old tires are certainly bulkier than most items, but this doesn’t mean you need to struggle to get rid of them in an environmentally-conscious way.

When you choose to use our tire removal & hauling service, we will take away your old tires and transport them to a nearby tire recycle center. The tires are usually reused due to their rubber material and can make all sorts of products even after their life on the road!

If you are interested in recycling your own old tires, some DIY projects are sure to keep you busy and provide entertainment. Old tires have many purposes and can be reused for things such as a kid’s tire swing, which can be hung from a tree in the garden, or did you know that your worn out tire could be used as a planter? With a little bit of creativity and willingness to get your hands dirty, there is plenty of ways you can reuse an old tire.

You’ve decided you want to use a recycling service to dispose of those old tires? GREAT NEWS! You can request a quote online via our website or give our friendly customer service team a call on (888) 997-4768 today.

Recycling is beneficial for the environment, and you’ll be contributing to a better world all-around by choosing our service to dispose of your old tires. Even just recycling a single tire can make a big difference!

The benefits of choosing to recycle tires:

  • Limits the number of new materials that need to be processed, protecting natural resources
  • Helps to reduce pollution caused by tires being dumped in landfill sites
  • Reduces the amount of chemical pollution of land, water, and air
  • Saves energy in the long-term

You might think that the cost to get rid of old tires will be exceptionally high; after all, they are bulky items. WRONG! We’ve made recycling tires as cost-effective as possible for our customers with an all-inclusive service that includes picking up old tires, loading them onto the truck, and recycling them at a local recycling facility.

If you have new tires on the way but need to rid yourself of your old tires in the meantime, you can expect to pay an affordable price. Unlike other tire recycling services, we will never recycle tires and charge extra costs. Instead, when you receive a quote from us – that is the amount that you will pay for the entire service!

The cost of getting rid of used tires will vary depending on a few factors but most importantly – how many tires you need to get rid of. Depending on the amount, we may need to use a larger team to transport them to the tire recycling facility, though this often isn’t the case.

Are you considering our services to help you get rid of your used tires? If so, you can request a quote easily online by filling in the required information.

The tire recycling process is an exciting process that can use all types of tires, from the tractor tire to smaller truck tires. Many products can be made from tires that end up in recycling centers, and for the curious mind, we’re going to give you an insight.

Tires are made of a mixture of materials inclusive of rubber, metal, textiles, and oils, too; because a tire isn’t made using a single material, they take longer than most products to be recycled. Some types of tires contain oil and contaminants that have been picked up when used on the road; a deep-clean is sometimes needed.

Generally, tires are recycled for the following reasons:

  1. Rubber is used for retreading old and used tires
  2. Rubber can be used in an incinerator for energy in a factory
  3. Rubber from tires can be broken down and used for manufacturing of new items

The materials that are obtained from recycling tires that recycle tires are of great use across many different industries. The above processes allow tires to be categorized as follows: retreading, reuse, energy, and recycling. Here’s more detail about the ways in which recycling centers recycle the tires that come their way…

Retreading – If an old tire has enough structure to it still, it can often be retreaded for use again on the road. The tires are remolded using recycled rubber treads to extend the tire’s life and give it more strength for its purpose. This type of approach means that fewer tires end up in tire dumping land sites. Around 50% of tires in the U.S are supposedly recycled this way, proving that maybe you don’t need to dispose of yours entirely!

Reuse – Scrap rubber is collected when tires are passed onto a tire recycling center, and the rubber is reused. The rubber that’s gathered from old tires can be used across many industries, including construction and civil engineering. Scrap rubber from tires can also be used as material for roadworks too and to build foundations for properties. Who knew there were so many uses for old tires?

Energy – Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Old rubber tires can produce energy using a method that’s technically known as pyrolysis. Tires that have reached the end of their life on cars can be used as a replacement for coal, oil, and gas, in some cases helping to reduce harmful emissions that are committed throughout industrial processes.

Recycling – After the steel and other materials have been removed, the rubber taken from old tires can be shredded and made into crumb rubber. Crumb rubber is commonly used across various items you may not have even thought of!

Ready to recycle your truck tires? So are we! Give the Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling team a call on (888) 997-4768 to book your appointment.

Crumb rubber is the name given to rubber that is extracted during the tires recycling steps. All types of tires, including tractor tires, truck tires, and bicycle tires, can be recycled to produce crumb rubber. This type of rubber is reduced to a fine and granular-like texture, which can be reformed and used for a range of purposes.

Crumb rubber is utilized in the following ways:

  • For playground flooring (it’s super bouncy for a soft landing)
  • For carpet underlays
  • For speed bumps on the road
  • For running tracks and sports settings
  • For asphalt for roads

What Options Do I Have To Dispose of My Old Tire?

Whether you have just one tire or you have a yard full of them, you must choose a specialist tire recycle service for disposal. Tires cannot be recycled as part of your household waste or dumped in a landfill; therefore, if you have an old tire that you need to get rid of, give the Weebble team a call. We’re an expert tire removal team with connections with recycling facilities that can take your old tires.

We make our prices affordable for our customers, so no matter the amount of garbage they have to remove, there is a cost-efficient option for value for money. You can request a quote using our contact form or if you’d prefer to speak to a member of a team, give us a call on (888) 997-4768.