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As we move through life, we inevitably pick up stuff, and after a while, it accumulates. Whether you’re stuck with a dysfunctional fridge or an old couch that’s too old to donate, it can be easy to feel bogged down. If you’ve wished you could just make your junk disappear, you’re in luck! Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling will come to your Houston property, pick up your junk, and make sure it’s disposed of correctly — all for an affordable price.

The experience that Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling® has achieved throughout four years of hard work and dedication has made this company more than capable to suit our clients needs by not only doing the job punctually but also in the most professional and fastest way. Our professional employees know when something needs to go to the landfill, recycling center, or to a specialty facility – and we will get it there.

Because our trucks are 35% larger than our competitors, we can handle junk of any size.

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