Printer Recycling

Has your child just moved out and left a load of electronic products they no longer need?


Has your child just moved out and left a load of electronic products they no longer need? Did the annual attic spring clean root up old and dusty electronic equipment? Has your trusty desktop printer finally broken down? If any of these questions sound like something you may ask, then get in touch with us today!

Here at Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, we can help you dispose of and recycle any old electronic equipment and provide a means for you to easily access tech recycling. Most electronics on the market today can be fairly difficult to dispose of, all those old mobile phones in your kitchen drawer can attest to that. Save yourself the hassle and let our professionally trained disposal team take care of electronics for you!

Which electronic goods can we take?

Desktop printers aren’t the only electronics that we can dispose of for you. Our team has been trained in a wide variety of different disposal services meaning we can adapt to your disposal needs. From video streaming devices to satellite receivers, we have recycled a whole host of different goods.

  • Computer Printers
  • Televisions
  • MP3 Players
  • Computer Speakers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Fax Machines
  • Computer Monitors
  • DVD/ Blu-Ray Players and VCR’s

If you don’t see your products on this list then please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we offer a wide range of services that cater to you. Contact us either through mobile at 1-888-997-4768 or by e-mail at Our customer service team works around the clock to offer you the service you deserve!


Perhaps the best and most eco-friendly way of disposing of your old printer is to recycle it. There are a host of different stores around the US, that will either take the old printer of your hands or handle recycling for you. You will typically find designated recycling bins in most electronics good stores so it can simply be a place of disposing of your printer in the correct bin.

If your local shop doesn’t have any recycling options, then taking care of disposing of your old printer may not be as straightforward. Try to locate your nearest E-waste recycle center as they will be able to recycle your old printer, or at least point you in the right direction. If you are still at a loss then please contact us by mobile at 1-888-997-4768 or send us an email at, we will get back in touch as soon as we can!

Donating a printer is an incredible idea and can help you avoid the unwanted effort of disposing of it yourself. Local charity services will more than likely be happy to take your old electronics off your hands, things such as computer monitors, gaming consoles and DVD players are ideal for your local youth center. Donating your devices also reduces the local waste stream, and can be a decent way to protect the environment from any unwanted damages. If you come across any old electronics equipment that you don’t want to just throw away, then consider donating it to a charity center near you.

As printers are classed as E-Waste (Electronic Waste), they are fairly hard to dispose of naturally. Throwing your printer into a general household bin simply won’t do as printers will typically need to be recycled correctly. As tempting as it may seem to throw it in with the rest of your garbage, try to find your local store or center that can handle recycling electronics.

Things such as computer peripherals and cell phones also fall under the E-Waste category so it can be hard to correctly dispose of them. Although there are many centers around the US that feature an electronics recycling program, it may be hard to find one near you. We at Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling can handle it for you thanks to our links with local recycling programs. When in doubt, get in touch with us!

Most old printers are refurbished in the United States and recirculated at a much lower price. As the materials used in printers themselves are fairly hard to fully recycle it can be hard to extract individual materials from printer products. Most printers however can be fairly easily refurbished and sold on at a lower price as it is typically just a small electrical fault that will prevent your electronics from working as intended.

This is the same with most computers and their peripherals. Gadgets such as battery backup devices and GPS devices and typically be refurbished by tech people and then sold on at a lower cost to customers. This prevents old electronics from filling up landfill sites and adding to the pollution of the world. If you are at all curious about the ins and outs of printer reuse then be sure to ask your local recycling program as they will be happy to explain more to you.

When you first purchase one of the many printers on the market you perhaps spotted a deal known as a Buy-Back. This is simply when a manufacturer offers to purchase electronic back off the customer if they no longer want it or handle the recycling options for you. This is a great thing to keep your eyes peeled for when purchasing any electronic items or materials as it will remove the stress of getting rid of old waste.

One example of a company that offers buy-back methods is HP. The HP Consumer Buyback and Planet Partners Recycling Program will offer to buy back your printer based on its current value. These don’t only cover HP printers however as they are willing to buy a variety of different brands. If the device is no longer worth much then they will offer to recycle it for you which saves the average American a heap load of trouble.

Different companies offer different methods of buying back old printers so make sure you check with a manufacturer how exactly you can sign up for this program. You can also ask in-store at different places to check if they offer such a program.