Refrigerator Pick Up

Got yourself a new refrigerator? Exciting stuff! But, if you’re not sure to do with your old one, the Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling can help you.

Got yourself a new refrigerator? Exciting stuff! But, if you’re not sure to do with your old one, the Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling can help you.

Unless you’ve ever moved an old refrigerator before, you probably will have little to no idea of the labor involved. Fridges can be heavy, especially if you’ve got an older model. For this reason, when it comes to getting rid of an old fridge, your best bet is a professional service.

We offer a range of flexible services for our customers who need us to haul away their old junk. If it’s time to replace your fridge, and you need a team to pick up the old refrigerator, then read on!

Here’s a quick overview of how our refrigerator disposal service works, though we’ll be sure to give cover the details you need…

1. We arrive at your home or property with our pick-up truck and friendly faces

2. Using our specialist equipment we will take away your old refrigerator and load it into our truck

3. The appliance is then either donated if it is still in working condition, or passed onto one of our recycling programs at a local scrap site if it still has some use

Do you have some questions about getting rid of your old fridge? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions from our customers below to help you get a clearer idea of refrigerator disposal.

If you’re already convinced that we are the right team for you – THAT’S GREAT NEWS! You can call our customer service line on (888) 997-4768 to discuss your requirements and get a price for your task.

How do I get rid of my old refrigerator?

Getting rid of an old refrigerator needn’t be a stressful task, but there are a few steps that you should set up to make sure it’s a smooth process. Many individuals choose to use a refrigerator disposal service for the task if they don’t have the equipment or transport to carry out this task themselves.

Do you want to get rid of a working refrigerator or an old refrigerator? This is a good place to begin. If the old fridge that you need taking away still works perfectly fine, consider donating it. We can arrange the pick-up and the movement of a working fridge and we partner with several charities such as The Samaritans where we donate working appliances.

In the case of old refrigerators that have simply seen better days and have nothing else to give, you could look into a recycling program. There is usually plenty of metal that can be reused even if the fridge you need to get rid of doesn’t work at all. Again, our appliance disposal service includes taking the old fridge to a recycling facility where parts can be reused in the future.

You should NEVER fly-tip as this can result in hefty fines and damage to the environment. We ensure that our refrigerator pick-up solutions are affordable for our customers, and we even deliver a same-day service where needed.

Can you recycle a refrigerator?

E-waste is just a shortened way of saying electronic waste. Cell phones and other similar devices fall under this term which means disposing of them correctly is a must. Unlike most household junk and old discarded wooden pieces, E-waste can be bad for the environment. for this reason, it’s so important to make sure that it’s recycled and taken care of in a professional manner.

Why should refrigerators be recycled?

We place emphasis on HOW IMPORTANT recycling is. In fact, we really believe that more people should be doing their bit to recycle their old junk. There are plenty of refrigerator recycle services that can be taken advantage of and other solutions for similar appliances such as freezers.

As more land-fill sites are overflowing, there is an increased need to recycle to prevent further damage to the environment. Dumping unwanted kitchen furniture such as fridges, freezers, and cookers not only is irresponsible but it also can pose a threat to wildlife and the environment.

Contact our friendly customer helpers on (8888) 997-4768 to find out how our refrigerator disposal options could be of use to you.

old refrigerator pick up

How do I recycle my old fridge?

Recycling old refrigerators can be a strenuous task, as they are big in size and heavy at the same time! You’ll have to have the old fridge collected from your property and transported to a local scrap metal recycling plant if you can’t do this yourself. Oftentimes, people don’t have the option to do this task themselves, and therefore they turn to the help of professionals like Weebble.

Refrigerator recycling will require you to carry out a few steps inclusive of preparation so that the task can be done safely. You will need a couple of helpers on-hand to assist with the lifting of the fridge to move it to the transportation that you have set up. Before any moving can commence though, you should empty your fridge of its contents and tape or remove any shelves so they don’t fall out when moving.

Refrigerators are heavy and should be lifted in a safe way that won’t put a strain on your back. Disconnect the refrigerator as per the user manual and then slide it out from its position and onto the dolly that you are using. You will need to tilt the fridge slightly and move slowly with it to ensure it stays balanced during transit. If you are moving the item downstairs, take extra care, and do not tip back more than 45 degrees.

When you reach the truck or van that you are using, position the plank you’re using to get it inside. By using a platform or plank, you will reduce the amount of strain in your spine and the job will be far less tiring (and difficult) overall.

The final step is to secure the unit in place on its side where you can. You should use straps to ensure it’s in a secure position and isn’t going to move about during transportation to the recycle location.

Don’t feel experienced enough to do this task yourself?

Our company has removed many fridges and freezers from homes where they are no longer needed. Whether you’re on the 6th floor in an apartment block or live on the ground floor, we can help you get rid of that unwanted fridge.

To add to this, we don’t just get rid of your fridge, but we guarantee a recycle solution is set up for old items. Your items will never end up in landfills when you choose to use our environmentally-friendly company.

old refrigerator pick up

How do I get my old fridge ready for disposal?

Getting your old refrigerator ready for us to remove isn’t as difficult as it seems! All we ask is that you remove any items stored inside. However, in certain situations inclusive of those where a fridge has been used to store hoarded things we can take the refrigerator as is.

When we carry out your refrigerator pick up task, it’s also a good idea to make sure that we can easily access the fridge. We are good at squeezing into tight spaces (check out our crawl space cleaning page!) but we will need a lot of space in order to get the item out of your property. No need to rearrange your entire home, but it is handy to have everything cleared out of the way before we arrive to complete the task.

That’s it – just two simple steps for you to do and the rest is up to us. No lifting or assistance is required of you, as we can complete the job with zero hassle!

How do I know when I need to toss out my fridge?

If your fridge has seen better days or it doesn’t seem to be keeping food cool, this is probably a sign it could do with being tossed. However, we know that they can be expensive things to replace so always be sure to double-check it can’t be repaired before going forward with a recycling option.

Here are the steps that you can take if you’re suspicious that your fridge is on the way out:

  • Check the temperature setting inside of the fridge, it could just be set to a high setting
  • Listen to the motor sound in the compressor behind your fridge. If the fridge isn’t cool but the motor is working, you may need to replace the compressor
  • Look at the inside coils. If there is a build-up of frost, then the coils may need to be replaced

If you still are uncertain about whether you need to replace your refrigerator, make an appointment with a contractor who will be able to check the different components. Many parts can simply be replaced if they are faulty, though if there seems to be multiple issues, a new fridge is likely on the cards.

Types of Refrigerators We Pick Up

You’ve come to the conclusion that your fridge should be replaced, but what next? Contact us of course! You can use the customer helpline on (888) 997-4768, and we will provide you with a quote for your job. Even if you require multiple appliances to be picked up, we’ll never say no to a job and can provide same-day choices for you depending on our availability.

We can collect all types of refrigerator models:

No matter the location of your property in the area, we can collect the fridge that you want to get rid of, and take care of the recycling process too. If you are seeking a no-hassle refrigerator disposing and recycle solution, Weebble is the right team for you. As one of the most competitive removal companies in the United States, we ensure that your waste is put to good use.

Freezer Recycling Service

We also offer our customers a freezer recycle service too just as we do with refrigerators. If you have an old freezer that you need to recycle, by contacting our friendly customer assistants you can get an idea of the cost for the job. Simply give our customer assistants a call on (888) 997-4768 and we will take some information to provide you with a price.

What Our Prices Include

You’ll be pleased to know that our prices are inclusive, so there are never any hidden fees. Once we have given you a quote, the price won’t increase and we’ll be on our way to collect your junk as per your appointment time and date. Depending on the schedule that you have, a same-day service may be needed which can cost a little extra than our usual rates.

The pricing that you are given includes our team’s labor, loading of junk onto the truck, transportation, and disposal fees too.

We offer highly competitive rates for the jobs that we provide our customers. You will always have total peace of mind, as we are all fully insured and licensed to do the jobs that we do. This covers both commercial and residential jobs, making Weebble a solid choice if you’re worried about this aspect.

Don’t just take our word for it! There are plenty of positive reviews across our site from happy customers that you can read to solidify our reputation!