Sheds are great additions to our gardens for the storage of bicycles, tools, and all sorts of junk! However, when it comes to removing an old shed from your property this can often be a difficult task. If you need to remove and dismantle your shed, you may be wondering where to begin.

In this shed removal guide, we’ve compiled all that you need to know and detailed the specific steps to get the job done. From gathering the required tools and equipment to ensuring the shed demolition goes as smoothly as possible – there’s lots to think about.

Our shed removal services are for you if you’re worried about removal costs and want an expert team to assist. Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling carry out the shed removal task for you and deliver professional customer service from start to finish.

How do you get rid of a shed?

Shed removal includes a number of different steps that involves preparing for shed demolition, emptying the shed, removal of doors and windows, tearing off the shingles, dismantling the shed structure, and demolishing the shed flooring. Once we have torn down a shed, we also make sure to clean up the area surrounding, and then we transport the old shed pieces to a partner recycling facility.

We make sure to give back to our community where we can with all types of reusable junk, inclusive of old wood too! If you have junk items in the shed that you also want to be removed, we can do that for you. We’ll factor in any extra jobs into the shed removal process to ensure total customer satisfaction.

How do you clean an old shed?

Cleaning a shed can take a long time, especially if the preparation isn’t set out properly beforehand. The first BIG task is to remove any old junk that you no longer need, and we offer services for this. Many people don’t realize that lots of their junk can be recycled or even donated – we’ll take care of this for you when you choose to use the Weebble professional services for your job.

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your shed, we use a special soapy solution to scrub away grime and dirt. A shed structure will need cleaning often to ensure that the wood stays in good condition, and because they’re not as sheltered as homes, damp can sometimes be an issue too. Windows on the shed can be cleaned in the same way as regular windows, though you may prefer to hire the Weebbler professionals to help!

How much does it cost to remove a shed?

The removal price for a shed is dependent on 3 important factors that we assess prior to putting forward a quote for the job. We must carry out this assessment in order to factor in the labor required to get rid of the shed and the process we will need to follow…


The foundation of the shed can affect the cost of its removal significantly. If your shed has been built onto concrete , for example, we will need to put in extra effort to dismantle the foundation and remove the debris from the ground. This task can be rather time-consuming and so it will affect the overall time-frame in which the demolition is complete.

Condition of the shed

We’ve seen a lot of sheds at Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, some have been in great condition and others a little worse for wear. When we put forward a shed removal quote to any customer we must gather information about the shed’s condition. Because of their outdoor location, sheds can end up tattered easily and many end up rotting over time. If a shed is in bad condition, more care must be taken for the demolition process which may involve the need for additional safety equipment.

Shed's positioning

How the shed is positioned in the garden will also impact the time it takes to complete the demolition service. Though we aim to work quickly and efficiently, sometimes sheds can be positioned on a slant or may have sunken into the ground due to a poor-quality foundation. If this is the case, again it will take longer for our professionals to remove the shed in the best way possible with minimal damage to the surrounding area.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Let’s start with some of the most commonly asked questions about shed removal…Below, we’ve put together some answers to the questions that our customers ask us!

Do I need a permit to take down my shed?

Onto an important question – is a permit necessary for shed removal? The good news is, usually you won’t need a permit but with this said, each city has different rules. Seek information from your local council prior to going ahead with any shed removal project as it could end up holding you back.

Will I need to disconnect all electricals in my shed?

You should disconnect and remove any electricals before commencing with demolition for your complete safety. However, if you choose our team to do the job for you, we request that you disconnect the electricals via the main power source. It’s not safe for anyone to work on dismantling a shed when electricals are still connected!

What size of sheds can be removed?

We remove all sheds regardless of their size, we never think a task is TOO big for us to handle! Of course, if you plan to do the job yourself you will likely need to prepare a little more for a shed that is larger. Our shed dismantling services are never limited and we have the expertise to ensure we can tackle bigger sheds too. Why not contact our friendly team today on (888)997-4768 to see how we can help you?

Step-by-Step Guide to Tearing Down a Shed

This step-by-step guide is for anybody interested in learning more about how we carry out shed demolition, or for those that want to give the task a go themselves. Where you’re not confident, our professional shed demolition service is for you.

We have all the crucial safety equipment and an expert team to ensure that the job is done to the standard that you expect. What’s more is that we can remove old bits of junk that come with removal too inclusive of window panes, flooring, metal, and much more.

Necessary Tools and Materials

As mentioned you’re going to need different types of equipment to demolish your shed. Here is a handy list of the tools and safety gear that we use in our company for this particular task:

  • A ladder
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Sledgehammer
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Hard hat
  • Safety goggles
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Strong work boots
  • Long-sleeved shirt

Make sure you have everything above in advance of commencing your shed demolition as you’ll risk adding extra labor down the line as well as injuries!

You can pick up the tools listed above from any DIY store or online. If you’re not comfortable with using any of the equipment above we recommend enlisting the help of our professional team who have the experience needed! You can read reviews from our satisfied customers over on our website.


The first and most important step is to PREPARE. This includes planning for debris removal (we can take care of that) and gathering of the tools and equipment needed for the demolition. By having a clear disposal plan in place, not only will you be abiding by the law, but you’ll also know where the junk is going.

At Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling, we remove all of the shed parts for you along with any unwanted junk that was kept inside. Debris can build up quickly with this type of task, so make sure you have a plan before you begin tearing the shed down!

Removing Windows and Doors

After you’ve removed all of the items inside of the shed, it’s time to start with its demolition. We always start with the removal of windows and doors prior to bringing down the structure itself. This is a logical plan as the walls will be made lighter for later steps and materials such as glass which can be smashed are less likely to cause an injury if removed at the first opportunity.

Start by unhinging the door(s) on the shed by using a screwdriver to loosen the screws so that the door can be removed. Next, move onto the window removal by ridding of any trim around the edges and removing the nails holding the window in place using a chisel or screwdriver to pry them out. Once you’ve done this, the windows can be removed by sliding them out of their frames.

Taking Off the Roof

Next, it’s onto the removal of the roof and the shingles. The roof should always be the next place to start as when parts of the shed are removed it becomes more and more unstable. Therefore, if you work from top to bottom, you lessen the risk of the shed falling down and causing injury.

Start with the peak of the roof and using a hammer, remove the roofing pieces. After this, remove the underlayment materials using a pry bar to reveal the rafters in the shed’s construction. Use the pry bar to pry apart the rafters one by one, removing any nails along the way. You can also use a saw at this point if the task is too difficult with the pry bar alone.

Dismantling the Walls

After the removal of the roof, it is time to tear down the walls – though a lot of care should be taken to do this. We recommend starting with the wall that had the door in it as it will be the least stable of the four. Using a hammer, pry apart all the attachments that can be found on the shed frame. Once this has been done, you’ll want to use your hammer to carefully knock the siding from the inside of the structure until it falls. Repeat this step for the remaining parts of the shed.

Next, it’s time to remove the connections that hold the structure using the wrench you have to hand and pliers. If the floor connections aren’t removable, use the saw to cut through them instead. You should also find and remove the rest of the connections following the same process.

Push onto the wall frame until it falls, you can use a sledgehammer at this point to assist if you don’t feel strong enough for the task. Repeat this step for the other frame pieces and keep in mind that the shed pieces will become less and less stable as you work – so be careful!

Demolishing the Floor

The walls and frame pieces of the shed have been removed, it’s onto demolition of the flooring. You can use a crowbar to ply up the planks if they’re wooden, this should be a relatively easy job. However, if the shed is on small stilts you’re going to need to use a saw to cut through them in order to speed up the work.

For sheds that stand on a concrete slab that won’t be reused for the installation of a new shed, you will need to remove it. This can be a strenuous task that requires quite a lot of muscle work, even if you have laboring experience. If you see an area with cracks on it, this is a good place to start as the structure will already be weak in this place. Can’t see any cracks? Start with the edge of the concrete instead as this is one of the places where less force will be needed.

With the sledgehammer, break apart the pieces of concrete – it’s a good idea to have another person equipped with a crowbar to pry the pieces upwards and out. Be sure to clean the debris while you’re working as it can be dangerous to leave pieces scattered about when working. Repeat the steps of cracking and prying up the concrete slab until you’ve cleared away everything. The time it takes to remove the flooring may vary depending on whether you are carrying the job out solo or if you have assistance and based on the thickness of the concrete too.

Unless you’re a professional, this task can be a little daunting and that’s where we can come in to assist. The Weebble team offers convenient demolition services for all types of shed structures and can get the task done as quickly as needed. Contact our team now.

Clearing Up

So, you’ve reached the end of the demolition steps and you’re left with heaps of debris and junk to be removed and cleaned. Removing a shed can be tiring work, right? If you need assistance with cleaning, our team can complete the job for you in the same day. Otherwise, here are some tips on cleaning up after yourself from the expert Weebblers…

Pile the different materials in order for them to be removed using the recycling or junk removal service that you are using. Removal costs will vary so it’s always a great idea to check this in advance of beginning the work. At Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling we provide each customer with a clear quote for what they will pay prior to beginning any work.

If you have anything potentially hazardous that needs removing after the demolition is complete, you will need to find a local disposal service to take it away for you.

Why Choose The Weebble Team To Do The Job For You?

Many people greatly underestimate the labor that goes into dismantling and removing a shed from their backyard. As highlighted above, there is plenty of preparation that must be made before carrying out the work. From getting the right equipment in place to assessing the pricing of the shed’s disposal, this isn’t a straightforward project for many!

Luckily, the Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling team has worked on many shed demolition projects, in fact, we consider ourselves experts. We offer our customers a reliable and efficient service with the flexibility for same-day fulfillment where needed. And, unlike other removal companies, our clients are always given unbeatable prices that they won’t find anywhere else.

Have a shed or other junk in your garden that you no longer need? Choose our team to dismantle your unwanted shed safely and professionally. Give the Weebble team a call today or visit our ‘request a quote’ page and fill in your contact details.

Sheds We Take:

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