Have you been looking to get clear of your television for a long time but don’t know how or where to take it? TV disposal is always a difficult task and they are often built big and boxy which makes them even harder to dispose of. Not only is TV disposal difficult because removing the item from your home or office can involve lots of heavy lifting and awkward maneuvers, but it raises the question of where does it go to next?

A television contains dangerous toxic chemicals that can pollute our surroundings and cause harm to wildlife. This is something we have thought about at Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling ® and have experience in removing all types of televisions at a reasonable price. We offer an environmentally friendly TV disposal service. This means that we will do all the heavy lifting and carefully making sure that your television is removed without damaging any of your property. We always aim to give you the best experience and ensure that removing your TV causes you as least hassle as possible.

Now could finally be the time to remove your television and get your valuable space back whilst also ensuring that it is removed safely and efficiently. Take a look at this page and see what types of televisions we will remove and information on why using an experienced TV disposal company to remove it will benefit everyone in the local community.

How do you Dispose of Televisions?

Not only do we always ensure that our Weebblers will carefully remove the TV from hour home, making sure that we keep your house without damage. Importantly, TV disposal is very important to get right to avoid polluting the local area with dangerous toxic chemicals. With an increasing amount of laws and legislation from the American Government in place to prevent the incorrect disposure of a television, it has never been more important to do it properly. This is why we ensure that our televisions are always disposed of as efficiently and safely as possible.

When disposing of a TV it is not always as simple as dropping off at a recycling center site. It is important that the toxic and dangerous parts of the tv are disposed of safely before it is then recycled. We will take care of all these steps on your behalf. Our experienced staff will come to you and make sure that the difficult stuff is taken care of so that you and your family can focus on your new tv.

Televisions We Take:

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Can I Donate My Old TV to Charity?

Unfortunately due to safety, legal and environmental concerns, charities and donation centers are no longer accepting televisions. This is to prevent any risk to people that collect the televisions, such as electrical faults and damaged goods. Though a select few charities may accept the TV it may take a lot of time and effort to try and find one that will be willing.

This is why our team at Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling will happily come to your home and safely remove your old tv safely. We will ensure that the big heavy item is removed by our professionals without any damage to your property and therefore will save you from any heavy lifting. We will then dispose of the item responsibly whilst also ensuring that any toxic parts of the television are removed properly. We will thenbreak down the TV and make sure that all the valuable materials such as glass, plastic, copper wiring, and other items of value will be recycled and re-used within the productions of newer electronics. Additionally, the circuit boards within your TV can contain precious metals such as gold and platinum. These can be transported to specialized recycling plants and reclaimed.

This reduces the need for big dirty factories to create more parts as the parts already exist. This then makes the planet cleaner and more eco-friendly. Therefore, getting our team in to collect your tv does not mean that your TV will make any more of an impact on the local area and you are responsibly disposing your tv.

Can a TV be Thrown in the Garbage?

It is really important that a TV is never thrown into the trash. This is because all TVs contain a toxic chemical that can be dangerous and harmful to the local plant life and wild life. Not only are the chemicals harmful but if the old TV ends in a garbage pile then it is going to take thousands and thousands of years to break down into the ground. This means that your television will be still sat in that garbage heap long after our time on earth. This is why it is always important to consider the possibility of recycling your old TV.

Within the old TV there are many valuable items that can be reused and recycled. By using a company like Weebble Junk Removal & Hauling we can ensure that the dangerous and harmful parts of the old TV can be disposed of safely. The remaining valuable parts can be recycled into other things and preventing them from going into a junkyard.

Your TV can contain lots of reusable parts such as glass, plastic, and copper wiring. Also, your old TV will come with circuit boards inside which may contain precious metals such as gold and platinum. These can be transported and reclaimed with our partners. This means that ultimately TV companies need to make fewer parts in the future which are very good for our local area.

How Can a TV be Recycled?

Like a lot of electricals, TVs contain harmful chemicals that can damage the soil and air in the local community. That is why we ensure that all the harmful parts of a television are removed efficiently without impacting the environment.

Then we ensure the TV goes to a specific recycling center that will deconstruct the TV and remove any parts that are valuable. This can include many pieces such as glass, plastic, copper wiring, and precious metals. Once the main parts have been removed and recycled, there won’t be much of the monitor left. Other than the toxic waste, we will also be left with the circuit boards. These do not need to go into the garbage and they can be recycled too. A specialized recycler can reclaim the gold and platinum that is carefully welded on to the circuit boards.

Recycling your TV means that fewer parts or resources will be used in future products such as dvd players, cell phones and sometimes even stereos. This will make the planet a cleaner and efficient place.

Why Should I Recycle a Television?

Every single television set holds valuable material that can be reused in many other electrical goods. If an old TV is thrown into the trash then those materials go to waste and can never be reused again. These can be things from the back of the CRT such as glass, plastic, copper wiring, and precious metals. Not only can you recycle the core materials but circuit boards can be transported to a specialist recycler where precious items such as gold and platinum can be reclaimed.

These are pieces that will otherwise take thousands of years to break down and will pollute our local communities.

As well as reclaiming the valuable material there is always the risk of additional toxic waste that can leak out of an old TV and create real harm to the local climate. Harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury can leak into the earth or even sometimes into the air which can become harmful to us and our families, as well as to the wildlife and nature in the local area that surrounds us.

This is why at Weebble we make sure that during our television disposal we offer recycling services which involve taking the old tv apart and making sure that we recycle everything that we can. We always try to make sure that as much of the material within your TV as possible is reused in future consumer electronics and stays away from our environment. We also ensure that all toxic waste is disposed of responsibly and away from our country.

What is Hazardous TV Waste?

Toxic waste is most commonly found in old TV sets. Our society has developed the need for bigger and more advanced television sets that meet the demands of the modern world. Unfortunately, this means that our TVs are finding their way into the landfills of America.

It was noted towards the end of the 20th century that there became a crisis where hazardous materials that were often found within the standard cathode ray tube, CRT, or batteries. These materials leaked into the atmosphere and ground of our local environments and caused health problems within plants and animals that lived nearby.

In older color and monochrome televisions many toxic substances can be found. These can be substances such as Cadmium which is often used to absorb high energy inside the TV. Additional to this, the rear glass tube of modern CRTs can often be made from leaded glass and sometimes can contain mercury which has historically been a huge polluter on the earth.

This is why it is very important for all TVs to be disposed of responsibly with the toxic waste managed properly and the various parts recycled to the relevant companies. This is where Weebble can step in and help with our TV disposal service. Our weebblers can remove the television from your place and dispose of the old TV safely and responsibly.

Are CRT Televisions More Dangerous Than Flatscreens?

Even TV screens that are modern, such as flatscreens, can still be harmful to the local plant life if disposed of incorrectly and are still considered to be toxic waste. However, older television screens do have an increased amount of toxic waste within them and these can be far more dangerous to the health of the local plants and wildlife. In particular, CRT TVs contain vast amounts of toxic waste and these should always be treated with the utmost care and professional disposal.

Luckily, in more recent times the manufacturers of TV’s have been developing units that do not contain much toxic waste. In fact in general, most if not all toxins have been eradicated from their devices. This also can include toxic-free/lead-free solder, mercury and other far more environmentally friendly components.

It is difficult to tell whether your TV contains dangerous toxic chemicals and if it needs specific disposal. It is for this reason that we would always suggest a well-experienced professional recycler the tv and disposes of the toxic waste appropriately. This is where Weebble can step in and help you out without taking all your money.

What Should I do With an Old Computer Monitor?

The world is very much still filled with old computers with monitors that are dated and do not fit our community’s needs, for example, things such as quality and size. As our community needs to grow stronger and specific; there is little need for old monitors. Unfortunately, old computer monitors can fall very much in the same category as a tv set. This is because these monitors contain cathode ray tubes and potential leaded materials. Therefore because of this, the monitors need to be disposed of very much as a TV would be.

Unfortunately, you are increasingly unlikely to donate or sell your old computer monitors as the demand has shrunk substantially. Not many people want a bulky and old screen for their computer when they can easily invest in cheap and much smaller laptops and monitors.

Luckily here at Weebble we will happily dispose of your old computer monitors as well as your TV set with no issues at a reasonable price. We will ensure that the monitory is removed from your home safely and the toxic waste is disposed of safely to prevent further harm to the local plants and animals. We will then break down the monitor and recycle the parts to ensure that waste is minimized. Often parts like plastic, glass, copper wiring, and precious items can be reused and can turn your computer monitor disposal into a very eco-friendly activity.

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